swimming in the sky

Judith Harway’s most recent chapbook, Swimming in the Sky, is a collection of 16 poems that explore “the familiar and the wild.” Marrying close observation of the natural world and meditations on what it is to be human, these poems remind us that “memory / knows what it needs to keep.”

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Swimming in the Sky


Available at: Finishing Line Press

Judith Harway writes with care and strength about the familiar and the wild in this collection of beautifully crafted poems. Using imagery from nature to explore subjects like memory, writing, motherhood, and God, Harway shows that “There are more ways into the woods/ than one. The trick is in learning to read/ a lexicon of green.” If we are, on the one hand, always alone in that exploration, a poet’s eye and imagination can guide and allow us to swim through sky.
— Wendy Vardaman, author of Obstructed View, and, with Sarah Busse, Co-Poet Laureate of Madison, Wisconsin.
US Poet Laureate Billy Collins has said there are poems so true, so beautiful no life should be without them. Such is my experience with Judith Harway’s chapbook, Swimming in the Sky, a collection of poems written in a voice so direct and lyrical you feel she is starting a conversation only with you.
— Louisa Loveridge Gallas, author of Revelations on Longing Street, The Wizard’s Dream, and Rescue the Good Stuff.

Cover Design by: Dan Armstrong | Published by: Finishing Line Press, 2014