The Cortland Review

The Cortland Review Issue 42 published the poem Free by Judith Harway along with an audio recording of her reading the poem.

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The Adirondack Review

The Lizard

The Glow-Worm


Red River Review

Breathing in the Dark

Live-trapping the Mice

The Memory Box

Wisconsin Academy of Sciences Arts and Letters

Judith Harway’s poem, Interior Landscape, received an award from the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters in 2014.

Interior Landscape

Verse Wisconsin

Saag Paneer Sutra — or, How One Indian Entree Nourished Seven Poets, an essay by Judith Harway, appeared in Verse Wisconsin (issue 109), as well as in the anthology Local Ground(s): Midwest Poetics published by Cowfeather Press in 2014.

Saag Paneer Sutra

Local Ground(s): Midwest Poetics

CanLit Poets

CanLit Poets featured interview with Judith Harway

In this publication, Judith Harway shares her thoughts on the art of writing poetry and her inspiration for the two poems listed below.

The Bark

Issue 64: Dogs And Wild Animals: What We Don't Know