Sundown: A Daughter’s Memoir of Alzheimer’s Care

In this powerful memoir, Alzheimer’s robs a vibrant and accomplished mother of her identity, and forces her daughter to face the failures and forgiveness that come with the role of caregiver. By turns heartbreaking and hilarious, Sundown tallies the losses of living with dementia, examines the restructuring of relationships at the end of life, and affirms the power of storytelling to both preserve and shape memory. In the words of Tom Hlavacek, Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Society of Southeastern Wisconsin, “Sundown is a testament to an extraordinary mother and an important addition to the body of literature on Alzheimer’s and caregiving. This is a must-read for anyone in the ‘sandwich generation,’ and a life-affirming narrative for all.”

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Today’s TMJ4 Author Interview with Judith Harway

In Sundown, Judith Harway gives us a loving, nuanced and immensely readable perspective on the journey she and her family traveled with her mother and Alzheimer’s disease. Full of wisdom, insight, heartache, and moments of laughter and tears, Sundown is a testament to an extraordinary mother and an important addition to the body of literature on Alzheimer’s and caregiving.
— Tom Hlavacek, Executive Director, Alzheimer’s Association of Southeastern Wisconsin
The terrible beauty of Sundown resides in Judith Harway’s unblinking love for her mother and father, whom she accompanied through years of her mother’s suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. While this heartstrong memoir describes the almost unbearable daily realities of the condition, it does so with a healthy dose of humor, reflection, and advocacy for Alzheimer’s sufferers that enlarges our understanding of what it is to be human.
— Carol Sklenicka, author of “Raymond Carver: A Writer’s Life”
With 5 million people in the U.S. suffering from Alzheimer’s, the tragedy of Sundown: A Daughter’s Memoir of Alzheimer’s Care, is all too familiar. This memoir speaks poignantly for the family members like author Judith Harway, who share the devastating physical and emotional burden of caregiving for loved ones with dementia. Beautifully told with slices of wit and humor, Sundown also explores our complex family ties and parental legacies, and ponders: What is memory after all?
— Amy Rosa, journalist and author of an upcoming expose of corruption and gang warfare in the federal prison system

Cover Design by: Dana Borremans | Published by: Branden Books, 2014

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